TOPIA (Changshu) was founded in 2015, with a primary focus on designing, researching, and developing sheet metal parts and their corresponding molds, fixtures, and gauges for automotive bodies, as well as various mechanical equipment. Additionally, we specialize in producing stamping molds for automotive body exterior panels and providing technical services. Our mission is to provide customers with mature and reliable trial production solutions.

  • 2015
  • 3.22Million RMB
    Turnover in 2022


    April 2011

    Suzhou factory

    September 2015

    Shanghai business office

    December 2015

    Changshu factory

    June 2016

    Groundbreaking ceremony of the first factory in Changshu

    May 2017

    The first factory was put into operation


  • Factory
  • Department
  • Production line
  • Product process
  • Quality

Factory introduction

Topia is situated at No. 2 Guanzhi Road, Changshu Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, covering a total area of 58637 square meters. The premises comprise of offices and two factories.

Department introduction

Firms: general affairs, finance, sourcing, budget management, production management, model design
First factory: mold processing, production, and technical
Second factory: assembly and quality assurance

Production line

First factory: casting → mold forming → stamping → laser → handicraft
Second factory: welding assembly → quality inspection → delivery

Product process

information collection → product design → processing and manufacturing → assembly and welding → testing and inspection → timely delivery

Quality management

strict inspection → data collection → careful verification (data, drawings, products) → finished product measurement


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